Elite Truck & Car School: MR (Medium Rigid) Training
Preparing for heavy vehicle training? Consider our Medium Rigid (MR) training course that is a great starting point for young drivers wanting a start in the transport industry.

Elite Truck & Car School’s MR (Medium Rigid) training course is custom designed for drivers who are seeking to develop vital driving skills and knowledge necessary to successfully gain a Medium Rigid (MR) license. For those searching for work of driving a truck or bus, this is your ideal course. We are available to be booked at any time and course can be structured to suit every individual needs. To train with Elite Truck & Car School, participants don't need previous heavy vehicle driving experience.

We hold a team of accredited instructors that are highly professional, friendly, patient and fun which means no-pressure lessons and more confident new truck drivers.

With MR qualification you are allowed to drive:

To take part in MR truck driving course you must:

*Government fee is not included in the price.