Elite Truck & Car School: MC (Multi Combination) Training



With a continual growth in industries, there’s a real need for well‐trained drivers to maintain their growth. Elite Truck & Car School provides the best professional competency-based training to upgrade to licence class Multi-Combination (MC). This licence covers all commercial vehicles that includes LR, MR, HR and HC vehicles and B-double prime movers towing two semitrailers, with one semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semitrailer, and a road train other than a B-double, that is towing two or more trailers.

This course is designed for people who already hold Heavy Rigid (HR) & Heavy Combination (HC) Driver Licences and want to increase their skills and knowledge.

This training covers what is needed to drive Multi-Combination vehicles safely and in professional manner. That includes learning about how to:
Our trainers are all Accredited Trainers and Assessors with extensive industry experience. We deliver quality, industry relative training in a friendly, low stress environment. Our training is tailor made to suit every individual's needs to achieve competency and a successful outcome.

To take part MC truck driving course you must:

With MC qualification you are allowed to drive

Course duration:

16 hours training and assessment over 2 days - a blend of theory and practical.
Our trainers are experienced, professional and passionate about teaching the Multi combination. 

Please note: That TMR accepts the current industry standard for delivery of TLIC4006 Drive MC Vehicle to a class HR driver licence holder as being at least 2 days (16 hours) training and assessment with a minimum 2 hours on-road final competency assessment - ensure you receive enough hours or risk having your licence cancelled!!
We do not issue statement of attainment if you do not meet the standards and are not competent.

Training Information:

We provide student handbook, code of practice and information booklet free of cost that includes details such as how course is conducted, what is covered, how to provide competency, RTO information, etc. Refresher Training is available.

Please note that all students are different, and some students may require additional training to achieve competency. We will discuss arrangements for additional training and assessment based on student’s skills.

*Government fee is not included in the price.